PMP in a Snap

Building Adaptability and Resiliency

May 09, 2023 Kaye B Episode 32
PMP in a Snap
Building Adaptability and Resiliency
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Building adaptability and resiliency into the organization and project team’s approaches helps the project accommodate change, recover from setbacks and advance the project.   All lessons are based on the PMBOK®, 7th Edition.  

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Building adaptability and resiliency into team helps the project and organization withstand change, recover from setbacks and helps the project to keep moving foward.  I’m your host, Kaye B and let’s talk about not freaking out when things change.


Let’s go through definitions: Adaptability is the ability to respond to changing conditions and resiliency is the ability to absorb impacts and to recover quickly from them. Both adaptability and resiliency are helpful characteristics for anyone working on projects. It helps you not to go crying in the bathroom when a project seems to be going wrong. 

You as a project manager does not have 100% control of the project (as we think we do) because projects are influenced by internal and external factors like your stakeholder deciding they want to add a new requirement at the ninetieth hour. Or you were supposed to start construction but mother nature decided it was the right time to have tornados hit right where the construction site is. 

Projects can fail or fall short of expectations which requires the project team to regroup, rethink and replan. After this podcast do me a favor and look up “funniest engineering fails” and you’ll get the point. 


Whatever the case, the project team needs to address the situation in order to move the project forward. Capabilities that support adaptability and resilience include:

-       Short feedback loops to adapt quickly

-       Continuous learning and improvement

-       Diverse project teams to capture a broad range of experiences

-       Open and transparent planning that engages internal and external stakeholders. 

-       Ability to leverage new ways of thinking and working

-       Open organizational conversations


There are more, but you get the point. When you envision the outcomes rather the deliverable, yeah, that can be hard when you are in the moment. But you can enable solutions and actually get better results than the one originally planned.


Remember: building adaptability and resiliency in a project keeps the project team focused on the desired outcome when things change, it helps them to recover from setbacks and it helps them continue to make progress toward delivering value even when they give the death stare to you. 


That is your PMP in a snap. Next week we’re talking about enabling change to achieve the future state. We have PMP study tips, go to and sign up to get them.